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Iris Oud

Iris Oud
Eau de Parfum
Alexis Karl & Maria McElroy - House of Cherry Bomb

Alexis & Maria: Deep, decadent, elegant and remarkably complex, Iris Oud is a perfume which carries many secrets within. Blending an array of natural iris, violet and vanilla notes with our sultry and complex Oud accord; created of vintage and rare oils from around the world, with a base of deep forest notes, touches of honey, and echos of Arabian jasmine.

The fragrance recollects evening forests: silken slippers treading on wet, fallen leaves, satin cloaks caught on dark branches overhead... Iris whispers a tale if you take a moment to listen…

Dave: Plush, powdery Iris, cut with violet, over indolic jasmine, honeyed oud and soft vanilla woods. Sexy new-vintage.

Iris Oud Notes: Iris, violet, jasmine, oud, vanilla, beeswax.        

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