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Eau de Parfum
Christophe Laudamiel - The Zoo


Dream: A single fragrance can contain ingredients sourced from 20 different countries. We only wish these countries could interact as harmoniously as their ingredients do in a given formula.

Scent: A rich citrus-based, fresh scent with bergamot and mandarin developing into a fresh and elegant sensual heart. Ingredients have been sourced from some of the best European factories ensuring the highest levels of sustainability and quality and promoting biotopes around the world. The fragrance is meant to embody dynamism and optimism with solid reassuring foundations. It represents a feeling of togetherness, to encourage people to rally into a safe haven. It features European environments, from crisp nordic air, off-shore sea breeze, wet stones and moss, majestic forests and sculpted woods combined with essences of mediterranean uplifting and colorful feelings.

Twist: The formula was permitted by the perfumer and by the International Fragrance Association to be published in order to educate the public and EU lawmakers about the sense of smell and the art of scent creation. The intent was also to show that perfume ingredients are safe and not secret. Disclaimer: Formula disclosure is performed with full support of our perfumer and with the sole purpose of providing educational and informative examples. IT IS IN NO WAY A CALL FOR PERFUMERS TO DISCLOSE FORMULAS. FORMULAS AND OTHER SCENT COMPOSITIONS ARE POORLY PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS AROUND THE WORLD INCLUDING IN THE USA. THUS THEY ARE HELD AS TRADE SECRETS BY PERFUMERS AND FORMULA MANUFACTURING FACILITIES. In releasing the formula for some of our fragrances, we reserve the right to legally challenge anyone who is suspected of infringing upon them without prior business arrangements between the perfumer or fragrance house.
{ Fine Fragrance }

Dave: Freshness - with depth. Fizzy, bright citrus carried by a sea breeze through musky, warm labdanum to herbal vetiver and dry, mossy woods. Air and earth in uplifting harmony.

Community Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, aldehydes, bitter orange leaf, grapefruit, lemon, airy accords, blue chamomile, green notes, cistus, lily of the valley, hedione, jasmine, Bulgarian rose otto, rosemarin, ambrox, cedarwood, oakmoss, musk, patchouli, Haitian vetiver.

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