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Edition of 59

Hans Hendley - Hendley Perfumes

The 2023 release of "Bloodline" is a limited edition of 100 bottles, each signed and numbered by American perfumer Hans Hendley of Hendley Perfumes.

Hans: “I've been thrilled with the positive reactions and acclaim towards such a personally significant perfume like Bloodline. For the 2023 batch I have kept the formula unchanged from previous years. With wildcrafted materials and hand-blended perfumes there can always be fluctuations but I have found they are not significant in this case. The latest edition remains faithful to the previous releases. Thank you and enjoy!”

Dave: I’m pleased to present the 2023 Edition of "Bloodline" by Hans Hendley. With perfume material sourced from the land on which Hans was raised, and is now returning to, "Bloodline" embodies the idea that the most personal is the most universal.

Bloodline Notes: Pinyon needles, pine fatwood tincture, eastern red cedar oil, oakwood, vanilla bean tincture, tobacco, oakmoss absolute, labdanum, dark patchouli.


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