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Edition of 81

Hans Hendley - Hendley Perfumes

The 3rd release of "Bloodline" is presented as a limited edition of 81 bottles, each signed and numbered by American perfumer Hans Hendley of Hendley Perfumes.

Hans: When my father sent me a surprise jar of oil that he distilled from the heartwood of an eastern red cedar tree grown on our family land in East Texas, I knew I had to use it in a perfume.

Themes of smoke, wood, resin, and soil had been recurring in a lot of my work. For this edition I wanted to place the cedar note front and center in an attempt to capture a vivid, woody naturalness that I hadn’t smelled in a perfume before. I worked with several handcrafted materials that make the perfume truly unique and limited. Alongside my father’s cedarwood oil, I used a tincture I made with pieces of white pine fatwood, an artisan distilled pinyon pine needle oil, and a five-year-aged vanilla bean tincture.

Bloodline is a supremely rich, dark, cedar perfume that paints a certain rugged yet pastoral terroir, dappled sunlight beaming through the canopy, scattered with sawdust and imbued with woodsmoke. A life hewn from trees behind a pine curtain.

From father to son, bloodlines like branches outreaching, rings like years spiraling towards the heart.

Dave: I’m pleased to present the 2021 Edition of "Bloodline" by Hans Hendley of Hendley Perfumes. With perfume material sourced from the land on which Hans was raised, this striking work broadens the concept of "terroir" in perfume making.

Bloodline Notes: Pinyon needles, pine fatwood tincture, eastern red cedar oil, oakwood, vanilla bean tincture, tobacco, oakmoss absolute, labdanum, dark patchouli.


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