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Wasabi Shiso

Eau de Toilette
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz - DSH Perfumes

Dawn: An unusual vegetal green and citrus scent in the eau de cologne style with a modern twist of piquant spiciness. For anyone who doesn’t know about Shiso leaf, it’s used throughout Japanese cooking as a flavoring and garnish (you may have had this at a sushi bar) for it’s unique leafy green meets citrusy/zesty, and spicy scent/flavor. Wasabi, the icy hot horseradish used in sushi, has a piquant, aetheric spiciness with an earthy bite. Mixed together with other citrus and leafy green top notes, Wasabi Shiso bursts with freshness. And to make things interesting, it rests on a resinous base of green tea, sandalwood, and incense.

Dave: Fresh citrus, spicy-green, leaf and wood. Uplifting and addictive.

Wasabi Shiso Notes:  Absinthe, bergamot, cucumber, yuzu, vetiver, green grass, incense, green tea, basil, rose, shiso, wasabi and sandalwood.

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