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No. 1 Bergamot Sage

Eau de Parfum
Dannielle Sergent - Cognoscenti

Dannielle: Bergamot Sage is a green aromatic uni-sex fragrance that opens with the fresh bright notes of bergamot, fig and pink grapefruit. It’s a modern twist on a classic cologne. The light floral heart holds the balance between the sharpness of the top notes and the earthiness of the clary sage at its base. It is playful and sophisticated, like a rogue in a tailored suit. Also appropriate for casual wear if your spirit is refined.

Dave: Sparkling, crisp bergamot and grapefruit sweetened by fig and ylang ylang, made smooth by sage and softly musky suede. A fresh and versatile herbal aromatic skin-scent.

No. 1 Bergamot Sage Notes: Bergamot, fig, pink grapefruit, ylang ylang, clary sage, teak, light musk and suede.

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