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Eau de Parfum
Daniel Gallagher - Gallagher Fragrances

Daniel: Pearfecto exudes liveliness and pure joy, featuring a mixture of bright citruses and exuberant fruits reminiscent of a tropical-themed beverage by the seaside. Aqueous violet leaf and the ever-present and pricey red champaca absolute, sourced from India, form the core of Pearfecto. A refined powerhouse dry-down of Patchouli, Cedar, Driftwood, and Ambergris round out the base of the composition, leaving the wearer immersed in their very own olfactory paradise.

Dave: An effervescent ripe fruit cocktail of pear, melon and citrus wedded to complex red champaca - overcast with earthy patchouli, salt air, and driftwood. The full breeze of coming storms, drink in hand, relaxed.

Pearfecto Notes: Pear, bergamot, citron, banana, melon, grapefruit, violet leaf, red champaca absolute (which gives Pearfecto its reddish hue), patchouli, cedar, driftwood and ambergris.

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