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Kevin Verspoor - PERFUME KEV

I am originally from Grand Rapids Michigan, where I had a great upbringing. I was encouraged from a very early age to be creative, so I started studying piano at 4, and art in all it's forms by 6. When I was very young my mom had a big box of perfumes and powders which my older sister Amy, who is quite the perfumista herself, and I turned into a game called Perfume Factory. We would take the perfumes and powders and mix them with flowers, berries and leaves and then add water. As you can imagine, this generally ended up with some hideous ass perfumes being produced. We also played "Name the Perfume," in which we had to identify perfumes sprayed into tissues under blindfold. My early training.

At 14, I became aware that a person could actually work as perfumer. My chemistry teacher had lived out east and knew about aroma-chemistry so he taught us to make some of the basic esters that are used in perfume. In that same month, Allure Magazine had a full article about perfumery. I knew what I wanted to do.

At 18, I went through cosmetology school at Aveda, where I was eventually hired as the creative assistant to the owner of the company. All of my down time was spent in the Perfumery Lab, where I started to smell and study the materials analytically. After a few years, I decided that I wanted to attend school for perfumery and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in their Cosmetic & Fragrance Marketing program. During this time, I was able to get an apprenticeship at I.F.F. in Manhattan where I studied fine fragrance perfumery with Ellen Molnar, Sophia Grosjman and Jean Claude Delville. Another apprenticeship followed at Haarmann and Reimer (now Symrise), where I also worked as a perfumery technician, and then on to Fragrance Resources, working as a junior perfumer and refining my skills in fine fragrance perfumery with Steve DeMercado. I then moved to Drom International as a perfumer. During this time, I won the Fragrance Foundation Indie award for Odin fragrance No. 6. In 2015, I created the first three Blocki fragrances for the revival of the brand, and their fourth in 2018.

In 2013 I decided to work as an independent perfumer and began to develop my own brand of fragrances under the name PERFUME KEV.