Bird of Paradise

Eau de Parfum
Jennifer Botto - Thorn & Bloom

Jennifer: Vibrant and playful, this fruity floral blend conjures faraway lands of sparkling sunshine, tropical fruits, sumptuous blooms and exotic spices. Candied Ginger is gilded with juicy Citrus, while luscious Champaca and Jasmine impart a soft floral caress. Crystalline pearls of resinous Frankincense shimmer in the midday heat as salty Ambergris and creamy Sandalwood evoke planks of sun-scorched driftwood floating upon languid waves.

Dave: Gingered citrus and indolic jasmine lead Bird of Paradise through tropical fruits and florals to animalic ambergris and dry wood. Bird of Paradise was a finalist for the 2016 Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan category.

Bird of Paradise Notes: Ginger, lemon, jasmine sambac, pink chamaca, frankincense, sandalwood, ambergris.

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